May 5, 2024  – 15 years after she was discovered by Hollywood, Garland was spat out by the star factory. As a child, she was put on extreme diets to please studio executives who would heavily scrutinize her weight. She worked excruciatingly long hours on set, using stimulants, or “pep pills,” to keep her performing when needed.

Mayer, whom she considered a father figure, eventually severed ties with Garland. The actress, who was a drug addict and alcoholic before turning 30, suffered a nervous breakdown, was admitted to a private sanitorium, attempted suicide and underwent electroconvulsive therapy to battle depression, the book claimed. One of Hollywood’s most bankable stars was kicked to the curb.

n 1952, Garland married Luft, but the third time wasn’t the charm when it came to her marriages. Less than four years later, she filed for divorce, alleging mental cruelty. Giesler felt Otash would be a trusted keeper for his troubled client.

At first, Otash was wary of being a babysitter to a fallen movie star. But Garland would be paying $500 a day, or $6,300 today. To him, it sounded like “easy money,” the book claimed.