May 29, 2024  – Is it just the small details or are you missing large gaps. Our early childhood experiences shape our self-concept and engagement with the world. These memories are key to our identity development as we move into adulthood. As a therapist, I often help clients…

There’s a common misconception that trauma is the main cause of childhood amnesia. A logical assumption but is completely unfounded. There are many reasons why one might not remember their childhood, from the complexities of brain development to a lack of social experiences.

If you’re worried about not remembering your childhood—and what possibly caused it—read on to learn more about childhood amnesia, how memory is developed throughout childhood, what causes these struggles with memory, and how to cope with the lost memories.

At a Glance: Inability to recall your childhood memories may be scary, especially if you don’t know what caused it. Oftentimes, people assume trauma is the root of their missing memories, but there are many possible explanations. (The brain is a tricky organ). Keep reading on to know why you might not remember aspects of your childhood and how to cope with this.