Staying Sober With Drinking –

May 16, 2019 – The center is in Bogor, a city about an hour south of the capital Jakarta, with views of the nearby mountains. It’s located in a big peach-colored house, with a tile walkway to the door that’s lined with several small dogs. Nugraha says the dogs are “addicts too” — apparently they’re addicted to humans. The rehab center has a staff of around 20, including three addiction and mental health specialists. There’s also a doctor on call, who specializes in working with people who use drugs. Rumah Singgah is currently funded entirely by the Indonesian government.

The place has a lot of the things you’ll find at a lot of rehab centers, like cognitive behavioral therapy, a type of talk therapy with a counselor, and job-training programs. But there’s something that’s a departure from the abstinence-based AA model. Rumah Singgah clients are not required to be completely sober.

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