April 13, 2021 – One unique addition Boyd brings to his Petaluma location is equine therapy, where clients feed, groom, and ride horses. This therapeutic approach helps build communication, interpersonal connections, impulse control, and spiritual connections that are integral to one’s journey in recovery.

The horses used in the program aren’t simply rented animals either. Boyd actually purchased his own horses and stables them himself to ensure his clients always have the right to them.

Boyd’s efforts have helped countless people recover from addiction, even numerous high-profile celebrities. He co-produced the A&E series “The Cleaner,” which is loosely based on the story of his own life.

Despite his connections to Hollywood, Boyd has never forgotten that addiction is the great equalizer. No matter how rich or glamorous someone may be, we are all the same when in the throes of addiction. He wanted to bring all he had learned to his hometown in Sonoma County.



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