March 22, 2024 – The Unrefined to Refined Ministry was founded in 2018 to foster and enhance people’s connections with God. This ministry has changed over the years, and in 2021, a revolutionary programme to support persons struggling with addiction was launched as part of an effort to broaden its influence. Known as the 12-Step Programme, this is an endeavour that deviates from standard methods. It combines individual and group treatment, offering a thorough framework to those, who are ready to overcome the limitations of substance misuse or any type of addiction. Giving individuals the tools they need to embrace a fulfilling life free from the bonds of addiction is the main objective.

The programme places equal emphasis on developing a resilient mindset as it does on stopping chemical use. It gives people the abilities and resources they need to deal with obstacles in life without turning to dangerous substances. The programme’s aftercare support, which is intended for people who have finished their rehabilitation journey, is one of its distinctive aspects.