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Apr 10, 2020  –  In-person meetings are not just a means to find social connections, they provide accountability. Members have to be accountable to their sponsor or other members in the group regarding their whereabouts, new habits, and other behaviors (such as not calling), etc.

• In AA, it’s recommended that members attend a meeting EVERY DAY for 90 days. Recovered addicts may attend a meeting multiple times a week leading to longer stretches of abstinence.

• An integral part of recovery for people going through recovery is to ‘participate in their lives’ — i.e., go out to restaurants, the movies, church, concerts, etc. But now, those venues are closed.

Loneliness is Torture for an Addict

Addictive behaviors (self-destructive behaviors) often occur when alone or when feeling alone in their thoughts.

They think about how much they drink/eat/abuse drugs, and how much they are hurting themselves and other people.

For people new to recovery, the isolation can extremely difficult.



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