Take a SUBER –

April 30, 2018 – ON A BREEZY evening this past weekend, I sat out on my patio, lit a sizable joint, and took little drags from it til the burn line singed my fingertips. When I stood up I was stoned, and I knew it; I rarely smoke pot, so when I do I really feel it. But how high was I, really? I reached for my phone, logged into an app called Druid, and took a five minute test. When I finished it gave me my results, which appeared in red: Your DRUID impairment score is 50.3. This suggests you are at a moderate level of impairment … you should avoid driving until your impairment decreases. I was satisfied with the app’s assessment. (I’d taken the test multiple times while sober, and my baseline score is typically around 37.) Content to avoid leaving the house, I went inside, made a bowl of cereal, and watched the latest episode of Westworld.

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