Sept. 28, 2022 – “Whenever I was induced psychosis by cannabis, I had thoughts of other people wanting to hurt me,” Plant told CBN News. “Thoughts of the only way of being safe was to end my own life. It went very quickly to suicidal thinking.”

He recalled that he even operated a vehicle while under the effects of cannabis and was in total blackout mentally. 

“I don’t remember getting to where I needed to go, but somehow just ending up there,” Plant said. “I do have brief memories of swerving on the road and things like that. It’s really just a miracle that I’m still alive after an experience like that.”

The young man explained his cannabis tolerance became so high that he would have to smoke more to feel its effects for 30 minutes to an hour. 

“At first, I would smoke one time and the effects would last for several hours,” Plant said. “My tolerance had been so high at that point, I was ingesting a lot more.”


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