Knowing exactly what steps to take… –

May 19, 2020 – I think anybody who gets sober has the thought, “This is the worst time to get sober.” Because you don’t want to. When I was trying to get sober, I had this fantasy that the world would stop and the bars would close and that nobody could be on the sidewalk cafes drinking so that I wouldn’t be forced to look at everyone else’s happiness. I felt like I’d been pushed off the party barge and everybody got to keep moving. Whatever strange circumstances have brought us to this place, we are now living in a world where that is very much the case. A lot of people’s lives have had to be put on hold. I think it’s the best time to get sober. The planet is in lockdown. The scene in the movie where you have to go into the basement and do pushups and the jumping rope reps? That’s now. You can do that and nobody will even notice you were gone. Because the world is gone too.



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