Sept. 15, 2022 – Millipore Sigma provided the 200-proof ethanol standard and pure t-butanol internal standard (IS) (Burlington, MA). A filtration system within the laboratory was used to produce a deionized water diluent.

By diluting 1.0 ml of ethanol in DI water volumetrically, the stock ethanol standard was prepared. In a similar method, t-butanol IS was prepared by volumetrically diluting 20.0 ul of pure t-butanol into 100 ml of DI water. When measuring, weights were used, and using the density of ethanol at room temperature (0.789 g/ml), these values were converted to volume. Therefore, stock standards of exactly 0.994% vol/vol ethanol and 0.199% vol/vol t-butanol were prepared.  


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