Book Recommendation for Rehabs – 

Read more – “Diane Ackerman gives haunting descriptions of our five primary senses and how we have culturally and historically used them. Her prose is rich, vivid and sumptuous. And she shatters many inaccurate beliefs we’ve held about some cultures’ various hygiene practices. Highly recommend this book.” … “Ackerman gives us a first hand tour de force overview of our 5 bodily senses, from the historical, scientific, philosophical, artistic and literary vantagepoints. With the giddy delight of someone with a rapt attention for fine details, not to mention a true gift for words, she takes us on a rich journey of the subtle and the sublime … from the musky scent of fire-warmed leather, to the plaintive cry of a lonely loon hidden in the misty wilderness, to the rousing plushness of crushed velvet, to the crisp-tart taste of muscat grapes plucked straight from their sun-ripened vines. No need for me to wax poetic, because that’s what this work is all about … it’s a master class in understanding the senses we use to percieve the world itself.”



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