March 23, 2024 – The Today Extra host said he had been gifted some Crystal Head vodka by legendary actor Dan Aykroyd and had drank it at home. In the morning, the 50-year-old was sick – and he was ashamed that his son, Leo, who was three at the time, saw this.Now he has 10 years sober. ‘I heard Leo say, “Oh, Dad’s not well.” I’m hugging the porcelain bowl, and you’re thinking in your head, no, no, no, I don’t want to be sick. He can’t see this. He can’t register this as a core memory’ David tells Stellar. 

He had a flight to catch, and afterwards, David told his wife he was done with alcohol – and never looked back. ‘I got on the plane to Broome and when we sat down to lunch I said, “I’m not going to drink anymore”.