The Weight of a Feather –

February 3, 2019 – Now Hacker Araoz seeks to share her experience in “The Weight of a Feather, A Mother’s Journey Through the Opiate Crisis”. The book describes the heartache, despair and confusion she felt following her son’s announcement.  Told in first person and reading almost like a diary, The Weight of a Feather, invites us into the the family’s dysfunctional and disquieting existence.  As Martin, (Daniel in the book) grows increasingly unpredictable and violent, his parents struggle to navigate their way through the courts, therapy, long commutes, increasing stress and decreasing bank accounts.  One of the most troubling and recurring themes in the book is the way Martin holds his family hostage to his constant demands for rides and money, the way his addiction sucks the entire family dry.  The Weight of a Feather presents a diorama of addiction as a “family disease”, but also shows that a family that gets sick together can also recover together.  Her book is available on Amazon.

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