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December 1, 1987 – I rarely write reviews, but I feel so strongly about this book that I decided to write one here.

This book is, without exaggeration, changing my life. I am in therapy, and bringing insights from this book into my sessions helped IMMENSELY. My therapist often comments that I have a grasp on insights that take others many years to get to, and this book has been central in this. I’ve begun to recognize my childhood issues, reasons for my relationship patterns, and in general the core issues that have kept me depressed for as long as I have been alive.

I have to say, though, that it took me FIVE YEARS to be able to even begin understanding this book. It’s not a self-help book and it is not an easy read. There is absolutely zero sugar-coating of anything – just straight concepts and pure insight. But once I was ready, boy did it just ring every bell out there! It’s honestly helping me get right to the core of my neuroses – and with the help of my therapist, to actually work on them rather than trying to stumble onto them through trial and error.

It takes WORK – I have to read the book in small bites, then type out some of the more important passages and journal about them. But it’s worth it. I’ve read probably over a 100 self-help and psychology books, most of which made me think a bit and maybe gain some insight, but not much more. Now I have read one that’s actually HELPING ME CHANGE.

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