Kate Middleton – 

June 08, 2020 – “When things get back to normal, I’d love to come and say hello to the team and everyone down there as well,” Kate said at the start of the call. The royal mom of three was told that as many as a quarter of British adults may be drinking more as a result of the lockdown, according to a new survey from Action on Addiction, a U.K.-based charity that works with people affected by drug and alcohol addiction.

She also dropped in on a group chat with clients staying at the center and spoke with those accessing the center’s online aftercare service. During the virtual call, Action on Addiction’s chief executive Graham Beech took Princess Kate around the center and spoke about the importance of reaching out for help during the pandemic.

“The worrying thing is all those people who aren’t necessarily reaching out who are struggling,” Kate added. “It’s about making sure they can reach out and you are there to help and support them.”



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