Faux Childhoods? – 

January 29, 2020 – Never have we been more connected yet felt lonelier. While we realize that most of what we see on social media is staged, we are still compelled to make comparisons. It’s easy to think, “Why is everyone else so happy when I’m so miserable?” Depression soon follows, which has now become an epidemic. 

For a “harmless” high, we open the games app and after buying some inexpensive upgrades, we soon find ourselves in pure gambling mode, as those 99-cent purchases become dollars. Like most addictions, we use our phones to escape the reality of life, and like all addictions, it is simply an illusion. 

Everyone wants to be loved and our phones prove just how popular we are … our number of “friends,” the beautiful photos, the gaming teammates who are stuck without us, and the huge amount of emails we receive … we are obviously very important and popular. Our hearts race with excitement at the ding of every text.