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June 7, 2022 – Point #7: Alongside the therapy you’ll be getting in rehab and outpatient, be open to medications that can also help you stay sober. This final point is so key. Because SUD affects brain chemistry and other systems in the body, it makes sense that certain medications can help as part of your overall treatment plan. This super-successful, therapy-plus-medication strategy is known as medication-assisted treatment or MAT.

Again, MAT includes behavioral or “talk” therapy as well as medication. A mountain of research has shown that MAT may give you the best chance for long-term recovery. For example, the medication suboxone (along with therapy) is often prescribed for people with opioid addiction. Suboxone can both block a person’s craving for an opioid, and blunt its effect on the brain. Campral and naltrexone can both work well for people with alcohol addiction. There are other medications as well.


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