Aug. 31, 2022 – If you’ve already done that work or you’re looking to get sober, then you might want an app that goes beyond trackers and motivational quotes and dives a bit deeper. Look for apps that offer cognitive behavioral therapy, distractions, and support groups that’ll set you on the right path. While an app is never going to be a replacement for therapy or real-life support, it’s a great tool to have when getting or staying sober.

Here are 9 of the best sobriety apps for 2022 to help get you started.

  • With over 100,000 downloads, the TRY DRY: Dry January app is a go-to for anyone who wants to give up alcohol for a month, whether it’s Sober September, Dry January, or something beyond. It’s free, it’s science-based, and it helps you “try out” what it feels like to quit drinking for a month.
  • Saying When can help you quit drinking or just cut back a little, depending on your goals. Designed and developed by the education department at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada’s leading addictions and mental health hospital, this app allows you to track both your drinks and your urges.
  • The free I Am Sober app helps you track your sobriety with a like-minded community. 
  • Download SoberTool if you like the idea of receiving daily motivational messages. This app, created by a Harvard-educated licensed alcohol and drug counselor, also calculates your days sober and all the money you save by not drinking.
  • If the idea of giving up alcohol — even for a month — sounds stressful, then you might want to try Happify. This app uses science-based activities and games to help you overcome negative thoughts, stress, and challenges.