Feb. 2021 – Zach — and the complicated relationship War has with him — is the inspiration behind “Deployed and Destroyed,” the newest release from the singer’s upcoming album, Simple Syrup. When she met Zach, War explains, he had recently been discharged from the Navy, though she adds that the end of his military service may have been hastened by “something with his mental [state] — I think they kind of kicked him out, because he’s kind of crazy.”

Unfortunately, the tepid support Zach received from the local Veterans Affairs office and the fact that he was homeless — and, therefore, didn’t have a mailing address or an easy way to fill out paperwork — exacerbated his mental health conditions. “Now, he’s this stereotypical veteran on the street that’s just, like, schizophrenic,” War adds flatly.

“He calls me from jail all the time. Mostly, he just wants me to get in contact with his mom for him, but sometimes, it’s like, ‘Can you send me some money?’” she shares. “I kinda helped him out the first couple times, and then it just became, like, ‘I can’t keep [doing this].’”



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