The Season of Our Discontent? –

May 11, 2018 – He says that’s where the AA program has helped. He can surround himself with people who help him resist the warm weather temptations and stay on the sober path. The challenges of alcohol consumption being normalized, and even encouraged, during the summer are often discussed at meetings.

“Their minds start thinking of that rationalization of ‘Well it’s summer, everyone else is doing it, it’s out in plain view, maybe I should start drinking again.’”

Colleen says the meetings she attends see an increase in the mantra “Don’t turn your trip into a flip.” Flip refers to when someone who has been sober for a long time returns to drinking.

“Usually around major holidays like the May long weekend or July 1, people tend to go on a major rampage that makes them realize now is a really good time to stop,” says Colleen, who adds that their loved ones and family members usually call them out on their behaviour.

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