Oct. 5, 2023 – However, the similarities in her substance use don’t last long. As Farley said, she doesn’t stop drinking.

Her friends will wrap up their night, but Farley doesn’t want the party to end.

“There usually comes a point where my friends will decide that enough is enough and they’re going home to get some rest,” she said. “For me, it often takes a full 24 hours before I feel ready to stop partying and stop using.”

Farley said she feels like her alcohol and drug use has gotten out of control and affected her personal life.

“I’ve come to the realization that I need alcohol and drug counseling after noticing that my unhealthy substance use has become more and more frequent—especially over the past two years,”Farley said.

Farley will get to a point where she feels like she has overdone it.

“One more drink or one more line would be enough to kill me,” she said.

It is estimated that about 1,519 college students aged 18-24 die from alcohol-related incidents, according to the NIAAA.