Oct. 16, 2023 – Before unearthing some hilarious and poignant stories of Hollywood icons and Hollywood excesses, Ed Begley Jr. took a deep breath in front of an assembled crowd of family, friends, fans, and flattering, although not fawning, onlookers. After taking their seats and enjoying the moment, Ted asked Ed if they should start talking now. With a big smile, Ed replied, “I think we should just sit here for a little while and be in the now.”

After now passed into what was to come, the three actors mentioned a challenge they faced together on this night. Since the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, they had to be careful not to mention movies or television shows by name. Then again, the challenge was real since Ed’s memoir has so many chapters named after the dozens of productions he has been in over his long and storied career. Indeed, if you want to experience an intimidating IMDB page that seems to go on for like forever, Ed Begley Jr. is a good place to start.