Aug. 2, 2022 – Health Net, apparently not eager to gloat, said it wasn’t going to comment on the verdict.

One of Sovereign’s attorneys, Lisa S. Kantor, said this: “We believe that there were multiple reversible errors and that the most significant evidence was kept from the jury. We look forward to obtaining a reversal on appeal.”

That $45 million hit to Sovereign and Sharma breaks down like this: Health Net’s damages for fraud and/or intentional interference amounted to $15.82 million, with a $13.31 million cherry on top awarded for interest. Health Net is due another $15.82 million for the RICO violations, the jury said.

It happens that $15.82 million is how much Sovereign billed for urine and other lab tests that weren’t necessary or even ordered by doctors, according to testimony at trial.

Sovereign, which filed the initial lawsuit against Health Net, got zip.


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