Nov. 1, 2023 – In September, VicHealth and Quit released research revealing e-cigarette retailers are advertising vaping products on social media specifically designed for teenagers to easily hide from parents and teachers.

If the bill amendments pass, updated and improved graphic warnings will be added to tobacco packaging and included on individual cigarettes. The use of specified additives in tobacco products like menthols would also be banned.

New measures to discourage smoking and prevent the promotion of vaping and e-cigarettes would also be introduced, such as plain packaging on vapes.

The bill is separate to a series of reforms still being developed in collaboration between the state, territory and federal governments to crack down on the importation and sale of vapes, including banning non-nicotine products.

Wilson said the amendments to the bill should pass urgently, but said a further amendment should be made to ban tobacco and vaping industry donations to political parties and politicians.