Aug. 26, 2022 – Amazingly, it took decades for Hull and McGovern to find each other despite being lifelong Lincolnites — children of the 1960s — and members of a musical community that, relatively speaking, really isn’t that big.

McGovern, a Pius X High School graduate, was a couple of years older than Hull, who graduated from Lincoln Southeast in 1978.

McGovern worked on the railroad for 45 years, while Hull’s story is much more filled with peril despite its innocently mundane start.

He began taking piano lessons at an early age, but gave it up altogether in the sixth grade to focus his attention on two things.

“I wanted to do sports and get high all the way through Irving (Middle School) and (Lincoln) Southeast,” he said. “That was kind of my No. 1 goal. All I wanted to do was party all night.

“It was typical American stuff.”

Sad but true. The American epidemic of self-medication isn’t new. It’s been cultivated over decades. The rock-band stereotype only grew the culture and sucked in a lot of people, Hull included.


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