Gang of 12? – 

Jun 26,  2020 – “It’s kind of a grassroots thing for people in recovery,” Hubenette said. “I was up there for nine months, and I had one of the best summers of my life with those people. It’s about having sober fun in recovery because that’s a hard thing to find when you get out of recovery.” 

Hubenette relapsed and moved back to Alexandria after his time in Grand Rapids. When he got clean again, he decided to take the initiative in his hometown and start a new Sober Squad group with his friends.

“They took me by my hand in Grand Rapids, so I thought I needed to start something in Alexandria,” Hubenette said. “People in recovery have a hard time finding new friends and things to do. In my NA group, we started our own Sober Squad here, and it’s been really good for us.” 

The Sober Squad is an informal group that finds peace in the company of other addicts. They do things like sober bowling, family dinners and speaking in treatment groups.



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