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February 28, 2019 – While it might seem that with addiction, the consumption of substances is the problem, there are typically underlying problems that compel individuals to seek out these substances as a form of escapism. Mental health issues are the primary driver for addictive behavior, such as unresolved childhood traumas or issues such as depression or anxiety. A good rehab center will focus on these issues, instead of just trying to keep people away from their drug or drugs of choice.

Devoted Staff

Staff members who are accredited and dedicated to their patients fare much better than those who aren’t. By accredited, we mean that these people are actually medical professionals who are backed up by their respective organizations. The more nurses, physicians, psychiatrists, and really qualified medical professionals on site or on call, the better the center is. The most popular drug rehab center will always have a large roster of qualified staff ready to help their patients.

High Success Rate

The success rate of a particular rehab center is a statistic that you should definitely seek out. However, make sure that you understand how any specific center measures success….

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