Worth the Trip? –

Nov. 24 2018 – But people with severe addictions can benefit from being removed from their environments – their responsibilities and stressors, triggers and temptations – to “break the cycle”: detox, stabilise, confront their reasons for using drugs, and start learning how to live without them. The wait times for a bed at public rehabs in New Zealand, as well as the cost of private treatment here, are the primary reasons for Kiwis seeking addiction treatment overseas. In Southeast Asia, where costs of running such a facility are significantly lower than in New Zealand, fees may be almost a third of those for private residential treatment programmes in New Zealand and other Western countries. A 90-day programme at Sivana costs AU$34,500 (about NZ$37,000); three months at Hope costs US$17,900 (NZ$26,300). Airfares are not included for either.

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