March 6, 2023 – After hitting rock bottom — or as he said, “living rock bottom” — Murray realized the control substances had on him and how it could eventually end his life. He credits his family for being the grounding force in his recovery and his therapist for professional support. Physical fitness also became a priority for him. And today, his music career is stronger than ever. The success of his 2022 song “Turn the World Around,” the first song he wrote while sober, proved his creativity in music making could thrive without the use of substances. The song is featured in the open world racing game Forza Horizons 5. Murray also just released his new single, “Make It Make Sense.”

It took a mid-set blackout in 2013 for Covelli to reconsider his substance abuse. The fallout that night rang his alarm bells loud and clear. “I never want to have that panic again,” he recalled. Ten years later, he is happy to see that drugs and alcohol are not required ingredients of his creative output. “Drugs and alcohol did not help me play music any better — and surely did not inspire me to be creative as a composer at all,” he said.