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September 15, 2015                   Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                   Vol. 3., No. 5
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Unscheduled Journey
Homeopathy conference ends in chaos after delegates get dosed on hallucinogenics 

An alternative medicine conference has ended in chaos in Germany after dozens of delegates took a LSD-like drug and started suffering from hallucinations. Broadcaster NDR described the 29 men and women “staggering around, rolling in a meadow, talking gibberish and suffering severe cramps”. More than 150 medical staff, ambulances and police descended on the scene and took the raving delegates to hospital.

12th Step Call
Rob Lowe gushes about the “gift of alcoholism”     

The Parks and Recreation star, who is celebrating 25 years of sobriety, feels that his addiction and subsequent recovery has made him a better person. “Being in recovery has given me everything of value that I have in my life. Integrity, honesty, fearlessness, faith, a relationship with God, and most of all gratitude…I’m under no illusions where I would be without the gift of alcoholism and the chance to recover from it.”

Stinking Thinking
How Can Psychiatry Battle Addiction Dr. Stuart Gitlow?    

“Is it a disease of the brain as opposed to being a disease of the left thumb? Sure. I can’t imagine where else the disease might be but in the brain.” … What’s wrong in addictive disease is a failure of an individual to make the right decisions without thinking about it. These people make bad decisions routinely. If you make a bad decision routinely, then you are bound to make a bad decision in the face of disaster.”

MEDIA: Book Suggestion
Neuropsychodrama in the Treatment of Relational Trauma by Tian Dayton Ph.D    

Dr. Dayton’s approach to experiential work has been in the forefront of what is now so commonly in use in treatment centers that it has become mainstream…Used in treating relational trauma and PTSD, neuropsychodrama is designed to be easily incorporated into existing programs regardless of length of stay, and can be used in outpatient settings, group and one-to-one practices.

If They Lived, They Must Be Sober
Trainspotting 2 is happening! Danny Boyle confirms original cast are returning     

The British director confirmed that original cast members Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle would be back for the eagerly-awaited follow up. Boyle described the script, written by John Hodge, as ‘terrific’. It will be based on author Irvine Welsh’s follow up to Trainspotting, Porno, and pick up on the same characters 10 years after the first film. He told Playlist: ‘Because it was 1996 when Trainspotting came out. Twenty years, it’s like wow, where did that go.

Heroes in Recovery

Instincts Run Wild
My sex addiction destroyed my life     

Soon I was relying almost exclusively on the Internet for sex, mostly through the “Casual Encounters” section on Craigslist. I remember meeting that previously mentioned woman outside the hotel in broad daylight, going inside and having a very “long lunch.” We had sex and went our separate ways.

Morbid Reality
Wife smiles for a photo by husband’s casket ‘to show the reality of addiction’      

An Ohio woman whose husband died of a heroin overdose has shared a photo with her children by his open casket to highlight what she says was a preventable death. Eva Holland said her husband, Mike Settles died after a recent relapse in Cincinnati. The father-of-two had been released from rehab ‘a new man’ around Christmas, having sought treatment for the heroin addiction he developed after becoming hooked on pain medication.

It’s Complicated VIDEO
More substance abuse treatment options under Medicaid expansion VIDEO      

There is a conflict between current Medicaid standards and a key provision of SB 192, however. Rep. Joni Jenkins, D-Shively, asked about issues regarding Medicaid’s coverage of naloxone, an overdose-reversing drug more readily available to law enforcement and emergency responders due to SB 192. The problem isn’t with the drug, but rather the way it’s delivered, said Dr. Allen Brenzel.


Los Angeles, Oct. 29th
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Police Can, and Do, Save Lives
Officer successfully uses life-saving opioid overdose drug, Naloxone     

Knoxville police successfully used the opiate overdose drug, Naloxone on a 32-year-old man suffering from an overdose. KPD received a supply of Naloxone two days prior. “When the officer arrived he found an individual inside his vehicle that was having a hard time breathing, foaming at the mouth. Obvious signs of an overdose.” According to the latest statistics from the Knox County Health Department, there were 133 overdose deaths in Knox County in 2014.


Health Dept. to release weekly updates on suspected overdose deaths     

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The state Department of Health will resume releasing data on all suspected drug overdose deaths in Rhode Island beginning next week, citing progress in reducing the backlog of cases in the state medical examiner’s office.

Coming Soon to Houston…

Art Imitates Life
Ex-alcoholic artist creates beer tins sculpture VIDEO     

A former alcoholic has canned the addiction and turned to art, taking his battle with homelessness and desperation onto the streets. Simon Botterill has created My Special Friend – a sculpture of a man made from cans of Special Brew and tape – which he photographs in different sites around the city.


A Look Backwards
Here’s how drunk driving has changed since the first DWI    

It was a man named George Smith who plowed his car into the side of a London building that made history on Sept. 10, 1897 as the first person to ever catch a DWI. Since the boozy collar, drunk driving arrests involve sophisticated blood tests and Breathalyzers – which clearly didn’t exist in the late Victorian era. So just how did those early DWIs work in the days of yore?

Essay by Alicia Cook
What You Learn From Loving An Addict  

–  I am not an addict.
– But try and love one, and then see if you can look me square in the eyes and tell me that you didn’t get addicted to trying to fix them.
– If you’re lucky, they recover. If you’re really lucky, you recover, too.
– Loving a drug addict can and will consume your every thought.

God is Good
Baby swap father describes his 20-year addiction to drugs     

The 41-year-old, by his own admission, had overcome a long addiction to drugs including heroin, cocaine, cannabis and alcohol, he had lost his possessions in a house fire in Dallas, and his wife, Mercy Casanellas, 39, had survived an attack in which she was shot at by five gunmen.

And Lowering Ambition
Marijuana Use May Raise Risk of Developing High Blood Sugar     

In the study, researchers found that people who used large amounts of marijuana during young adulthood were 40 percent more likely to develop pre-diabetes as middle-age adults than those who had never tried the drug.

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Timothy Leary’s Dead … or is he?
LSD, ecstasy, other psychedelic drugs may be ready for a medical comeback    

New research on the use of psychedelic drugs as treatment for a range of mental disorders appears to be throwing open doors of perception long closed within the medical community In Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and the United States, researchers with no evident countercultural tendencies are conducting research that is finding psychedelic drugs a valuable adjunct to psychotherapy in treating addiction, post-traumatic stress and the depression or anxiety that often comes with terminal illness.

Keep Coming Back
How Macklemore Conquered Addiction VIDEO     

Last fall, the rapper – who went sober in 2008, but relapsed into drug use during his sudden rise to fame – got clean again, and he says the 12-step philosophy has helped him deal with criticism…”But honestly, what people think of me is none of my business. If I live on the Internet looking for public approval, I’m going to be miserable.”

But Placebos Do
Mouse Study Shows Why Meds for Addiction/Depression May Not Work    

Working with mice, they found brain pathways linked to reward and aversion behaviors are in such close proximity that they unintentionally could be activated at the same time. Drug treatments for addiction and depression thus may simultaneously stimulate reward and aversion responses, resulting in a net effect of zero in some patients.


For Men and Women VIDEO
Drug Commercial Warning – Side Effects Unpredictable VIDEO    
Memoirs On Tap
Drunk Confessions: Women and the clichés of the literary drunkard    

“The idea, broadly put, is that the liquor frees up creative energy. Or else, that an artist drinks to soothe the ravages of creativity on his psyche … The blackouts and bad marriages and every sordid bit of it could be explained away by art with a capital A. Who wouldn’t trade a few years of misery to write something like Gatsby? Or A Farewell to Arms? Or “The Swimmer”? BY MICHELLE DEAN


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Turn The Other Cheek
For a Sex and Love Addict, Tinder + Match = Raging Fire     

There’s a reason that self-help programs for sex and love addiction are some of the fastest growing in the country, and that in-patient recovery facilities are springing up all over. Technology has tossed gasoline onto what was a steady flame…I am, please note, in no way opposed to the existence of Tinder or Match or OK Cupid because they are dangerous for sex and love addicts. That’s the sex and love addict’s problem.

Attraction NOT Coercion
Kim Richards Sentenced to 52 AA Meetings      

Following her April arrest, the former child star and recovering alcoholic was arrested for shoplifting at a Target in Van Nuys, where she allegedly stole over 100 items. Following the arrest, Richards’ family members  As previously reported, Richards was also arrested after getting into a drunken confrontation with police at the posh hotel after making a scene and being asked to leave The Polo Lounge.

It’s All In Your Head  VIDEO
The sinister science of addiction VIDEO       

Deaths by drug overdose — particularly for heroin, which is sweeping across small-town America — are on the rise. But as the latest video explains, addiction — to drugs, alcohol, or any other destructive habit — doesn’t come as the result of some personal failing. It’s the result of some pretty serious brain chemistry.

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Opinion: Scott Stevens VIDEO
Recovery Month: Abstinence, sobriety and recovery mean different things VIDEO    

National Recovery Month celebrates the new life that begins with reaching that first green. Personally, I try to make every month a recovery month celebration. Beats going back to the driving range. Two things to remember about sobriety and recovery. First, neither word is a synonym for boring or miserable. Second, they don’t mean life is going to be perfect.


Worth The Effort
8 ways to prevent your child from underage drinking     

The AAP report says alcohol can interrupt brain development in adolescents, which could lead to developing an alcohol dependency later in life. While under the influence of alcohol, teens are also more susceptible to exhibiting risky behavior such as drunk driving, unprotected sex or suicide.

12th Stepping Massachusetts VIDEO
Boston Mayor Walsh reflects on his 20+ years of sobriety VIDEO     

Mayor Walsh reflects on his sobriety in an interview with Boston Globe’s reporter Joshua Miller during Live Political Happy Hour event.


Bringing Hope VIDEO
Voices of Recovery: Young family finds hope amid drug addiction  VIDEO    

Taz Decker is one of many Utahns faced with a prescription drug addiction. Opioids – think Lortab, Precocet, Vicodin, Morphine, Demerol and OxyContin – are the second most abused substances in Utah. “Today, I have peace and serenity in my life. The struggle today looks different than the struggle used to back then. I still struggle because I’m human. I still struggle because I live life, you know, day to day on life’s terms sometimes.”

Greg Williams Marching to DC
Life experiences drive pair to change nation’s ‘addiction landscape’     

They may not be Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith … But if a 30-something Danbury man with 15 years of sobriety and a Westport businessman who lost his son to drugs achieve their goal to build the country’s first big-budget addiction organization, it could mark a turning point in the recovery field that rivals the 1935 founding of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Natural Living – Living Naturally
How I gave up alcohol and got a life     

On Tuesday, it will be a year since I last had a drink: 365 days of not doing the thing that characterised my adult life from the ages of 13 to 43. This is a sentence I never imagined I would write. For 30 years, booze was not only my great love, but my life’s principal purpose…Everything was uncharted territory: how to socialise, relax, dine, be around family, have sex, and endure Downton Abbey sober.

Each One, Teach One
Family uses tragedy to help save others VIDEO     

His death sent the community into shock, all wondering what happened to the smart, funny, baseball player and how his life took such a dark turn. “The disease of addiction, can hit any family. No matter what part of town you live in, no matter what’s your background, it can hit all of us”, Joni Jenkins said. The Jenkins family was no exception. Wes’ addiction started with pain pills after a dental operation, family said.


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