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July 15, 2019 – Scotland’s biggest challenge is tackling the polydrug habits that see many long-term addicts mix heroin and methadone with alcohol, prescription pills and street drugs that are often ­manufactured by criminal gangs in ­makeshift Scottish drugs factories by the million. Campaigner Martin Powell, of ­Transform, which seeks to decriminalise drugs, said it is astonishing that ­Scotland’s death toll could overtake that of the US, given the way fentanyl has dramatically driven their numbers upwards.

He said: “The US is suffering a drug death crisis – driven by opioids including fentanyl – that has made headlines around the world, and caused political uproar for its severity. “And rightly so, as 70,000 drug deaths a year is a catastrophe. “It means that for every 100,000 ­Americans, 21.7 died from drugs in 2017. “That is the highest drug death rate in the developed world, where the numbers are counted, and possibly anywhere.

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