April 8, 2024 – “I tried everything from treatment, church, community; I did everything that I could to try to battle the nature of that disease; that monster,” said Guest. But, he was finally able to overcome “that monster” — decades of addiction — to turn his life around with help from the Oxford House, “Four years ago when I got into Oxford there were 13 houses,” said Guest. “There are now 34 houses.”

Now he wants to help others suffering from addiction like he did.

“I decided one day after hitting rock bottom that I was going to use the rest of my time on this planet to give,” said Guest.

He knows recovery is not simple. He understands letting go of one’s addictions is easier said than done especially when you feel like those things are keeping you alive.

“Some of us have been surviving on our own since we were 13 years old. Some of us have never [written] a check before. Some of us have never paid our own bills.”

But, Marlin says the Oxford House is not just a bunch of men and women who live in a house. He says it is a family; a group of friends who can help.

“We just rally around each other, encourage each other, and hold each other up when the other one’s weak,” said Guest. “We come together and we learn how to do these things together. The goal is that when a person leaves Oxford they’re comfortable and fit to live on their own, and do those day-to-day tasks that we all take for granted.”

Marlin is doing exactly that while enjoying every single second of this life.