On a High Note –

May 11, 2020 – Rob Lowe has marked his 30th anniversary of sobriety.

The US star, 56, told people struggling with addiction that “there is hope”.

Former West Wing actor Lowe wrote on Instagram: “30 years ago today, I found a sober life of true happiness and fulfillment. I am filled with gratitude on this anniversary.

“From a treatment centre in Arizona to a bomb shelter in Israel, I have come to know many extraordinary people, and the fellowship of recovery has changed my life and given me gifts beyond my selfish imaginings.

“If you, or someone you love is struggling with any kind of addiction, there is hope! Love to you all.”

Lowe previously said he could not have got sober without rehab and told The Kelly Clarkson Show: “It changed my life, it’s the best thing I ever did.”



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