July 3, 2024 – Those abrupt closures coincided with the suicides of two corporate executives in five days; the stiffing of hundreds of employees on their latest biweekly paychecks; the mass transfer of patients out of Retreat’s care; and growing corporate financial woes in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Florida. 

In laying a foundation for the plaintiffs’ legal claims against Retreat, the lawsuit details a timeline of late — and then missed — payments, and corresponding corporate communications, in the runup to the collapse of the company in late June.

The lawsuit claims that Retreat paid its employees late, on May 25, for the May 6 to May 19 pay period. It states that Retreat again paid its employees late, on June 10, for the subsequent May 20 to June 2 pay period.

Finally, Retreat failed to pay its employees at all for the June 3 to June 16 pay period.

On June 21, the day that last paycheck was due, ​“Plaintiffs and other employees were informed that the Chief Executive Officer, Peter Schorr, died by suicide” and that all the patients in the West Palm Beach facility were to be transitioned out of Retreat’s care ​“immediately.”