MAR. 16, 2021 – Red Oak Recovery® and The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® have completed their sixth year of partnership with the Center for Research, Assessment, and Treatment Efficacy (CReATE; Asheville, NC) and the Arkansas Interdisciplinary Sciences Laboratory (University of Arkansas) in collaboration on an all-inclusive dual diagnosis outcome study. This research study investigated the effectiveness of the integration of clinical and experiential modalities utilized with young adults, ages 18-35, that are struggling with trauma, mental health, and substance use issues. This is an IRB approved study.

The research team has collected data from hundreds of consenting Red Oak Recovery® and The Willows at Red Oak Recovery® alumni since 2014 by utilizing state-of-the-art assessment, sampling, and retention methods. Phase One of the study included a pre-treatment assessment at admission and post-treatment assessment at the time of graduation. During Phase Two, alumni were assessed at the three-month mark and the twelve-month mark post-treatment. 

The data collected from these rigorous assessments are used to gain further understanding of how clients respond to therapeutic interventions and what factors influence their recovery over time. The standardized instruments measure factors influencing a client’s therapeutic response while navigating recovery programs, sober living environments, therapy, 12 step support groups, and re-entry into their communities. Lastly, clients reported on skill acquisition, including mindfulness and emotion regulation.


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