In Gods We Trust –

March 2, 2019 – A group of recovering alcoholics in Minneapolis founded the Calix Society in 1947, after meeting weekly at the 5:30 a.m. Mass to pray for an alcoholic priest friend. Realizing their Catholic faith was the surest path to serenity without alcohol, they founded the organization and soon affiliated units sprang up in 70 cities, even without a central office, website or literature. Today there are 33 “units,” or chapters, across the U.S., one in Ireland and one in England. Each chapter is established with the permission of the local diocesan bishop.

Calix complements and extends the recovery efforts of AA and Al-Anon through prayer and the sacraments. In addition to the support of meetings and recovering friends, frequent reception of Holy Communion, confession, personal prayer, Holy Hours, Days of Recollection and retreats foster sanctification of the whole person.

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