FAKE DRUGS are Our Enemy –

August 16, 2018 – On the same day that more than two dozen people were raced from a New Haven, Conn., park to emergency rooms after violent reactions to synthetic marijuana, federal authorities announced that more than 72,000 people had died of drug overdoses nationwide in 2017. Leading the death toll is the increasing number of fatalities from fentanyl. “It is the 2.0 of drugs right now, the synthetics,” said Tom Synan, the police chief in Newtown, Ohio. In an unusual episode involving a batch of synthetic drugs, more than a dozen people fell ill in less than an hour in New Haven’s central park on Wednesday. People lay unconscious. Others convulsed and vomited. First responders could barely keep up, sprinting from person to person; a news conference with the police chief was interrupted by word of another victim and medics rushing to administer treatment. All of those who took the drug survived, and authorities announced an arrest in connection with the incident.

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