What is this? Confusing or complicated? –

June 23, 2020 – The company currently has a remote tobacco-cessation program. Now, with the updated FDA regulatory requirements during COVID-19, it is expanding to include programs for multiple addictions.

“It’s the same concept as the Quit Genius tobacco cessation platform,” Dr. Maroof Ahmed, the COO of Quit Genius, told MobiHealthNews. “They’re still getting 100% digital, 100% remote treatment in the comfort of their own home.”

The model that Quit Genius created for smoking cessation will be applied to the new platform. It includes one-on-one counseling with a board-certified counselor, physician-led pharmaceutical therapy and drug testing.

In the case of alcohol-addiction therapy, users will be given a breathalyzer that measures the level of alcohol in their system. For the opioid program, users will test their saliva. The results of the drug tests will flow directly into the app to track users’ progress.



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