April 9, 2021 – Amanda Marino is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), Certified Recovery and Life Coach, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Alternative Medicine. She is one of the co-founders of Next Level Recovery Associates alongside her partner, Blake Cohen. Utilizing their expertise, experience and passion, Amanda and her team strive to fill gaps that are currently present in the pre and post treatment process. 

Q. If you are in recovery, what was your Drug of Choice? and when did you stop using?
A. I became clean, sober and stable on February 12, 2007. I switched my addictions over the years from age 14-22. Alcohol, cocaine and pain pills brought me to my knees.

Q. Do you think addiction is an illness, disease, a choice or a wicked twist of fate?
A. I’m sure addiction is a disease. Those who choose to use recreationally are able to pick it up and leave it. Those of us who have Substance Use Disorder, lose out choice when we pick up a drink or a drug.

Q. Do you log on to ZOOM 12-step meetings? How often? Do you share?
A. I do! They have saved me this year. I’ve been able to be really consistent with my meetings. I attend at least three a week on zoom. In Florida, we have open meetings again, so I’m mixing zoom and in-person.



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