August 2, 2021 – Occasionally the gang and I would wait at the news stand for the ‘bulldog’ edition, dropped off at 11pm. An early edition of the morning Inky, nickname for the Philadelphia Inquirer. I was mostly looking for sports scores, horse racing results, current events, and recent executions. I was fascinated by local news, news or the country, the world and outer space. The pride and adulation I receive as the publisher and editor of the Addiction Recovery eBulletin, with 22,000 subscribers, and ten thousand additional online readers, makes me realize I was finally doing what the big printer in the sky put me on Earth to do, and all those years as a drug dealer was preparing me for a better fate. To inform, educate, entertain and display photos the all deserve a second look. The dead end of addiction does have an off ramp. It’s called, get off this life subduing drug ramp! Time to trounce addiction.

*clean and sober