Spring 2022 – I’m in my room consistently. “I just want to be left alone on my iPad and it makes me moody and angry for some reason.”

Kokoda Youth Foundation CEO Johllene Elson said, “young people are engaging more with technology and disengaging with their families.” Digital dependence has become so prevalent, the Kokoda Youth Foundation has designed the program to help both children and their parents.

Ms Elson said they’re hoping the program will improve the participants’ social skills so they are less reliant on technology, have more of an appreciation for nature and can develop better interactions with their families.

In what feels like the middle of nowhere, our cameras were with the teenagers in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley as 17 complete strangers were introduced to each other at the camp.

The days at the program are packed full of activities which left the kids with no room to think about technology.


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