March 29, 2024 – Fentanyl will kill you. It’s heartless. You never underestimate that drug right there because it’s unpredictable,” said Frank, homeless in Southwest Portland. “Every time I save someone’s life, I tell them, ‘You really want that to be your last breath, man?’”  Portland Fire and Rescue paramedics saved Jacob’s life not too long ago after he smoked powdered fentanyl for the first time.

“People told me it’s really strong; be careful. I said, ‘No, I’ll be fine.’ I smoked two big hits of it and woke up with paramedics around me,” Jacob said, who still smokes it despite the near-death experience. 

“Not as much, though. I’m very careful with it when I do it,” Jacob added.

“The reality that we are in is tragic,” said Rick Graves of PF&R.