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August 10, 2018 – “The Sixteen” is a feature film about opiate addiction and split-second individual decisions that lead to despair, death and the heartbreaking struggles of addicts, friends and loved ones. The movie is being produced by Gerald Barclay, the owner of Gee-Bee Productions and best known for such films as “Fatima” (2017), “The Bully” (2013) and “Killa Hill: The Park Hill Documentary” (2009). Filming began Friday at Knight-Auchmoody Funeral Home and will resume in Port Jervis on Saturday, with additional scenes scheduled to take place elsewhere. Funeral-home owners and staff agreed to assist with the project to help awaken people to a problem they have seen affect so many in the community. Doreen, Bob and Josh Auchmoody were on hand to assist with filming details. “It doesn’t matter what a person’s status is in life, this brings the same final consequence. It is often not the individual’s fault. Many who die from drug addiction began their addiction from prescribed pain medication,” …

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