Sept. 12, 2023 – With his 30th birthday coming up in November, Davidson told the audience he believes you “can’t do drugs in your 30s” because “it’s not cute anymore” and “you’re just a drug addict” when you do drugs at that age. 

When John took the stage after Pete, he called himself “a former amateur drug trafficker” during his set. If you didn’t know, he began a 60-day stint in rehab in December 2020 after relapsing on his sobriety.

Jon ended the show with his own set, joking that the audience just took a journey “from rehab to recovery to hospice.” He also joked about bringing two comedians in recovery to perform in a casino, calling it the 13th step of a 12-step program.

Pete Davidson‘s mother just posted a touching tribute to his father, who died on 9/11.