Getting the monkey off their (bar) back –

December 29, 2019 – “What we do differently is that we have a safe place,” Pfeiffer said. “They can come and shoot pool; they come in here and throw darts; they can listen to music and they can even meet with their sponsor or other people in recovery … It’s a place to come have fun but not have the temptations of the elements out there. And that’s because this place is absolutely drug- and alcohol-free.”

He calls his bar at 4416 E. Fourth St. the Cuffed Monkey with the premise for those struggling with addiction to one day pull that “monkey off their back.” “If somebody comes in here, they’re going to find a group of like-minded people who are all in recovery; who are going to understand what they’re talking about,” Pfeiffer said. “…There is no other ultimate weapon for somebody in recovery than somebody else who’s been in recovery. We can relate.”

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