Jan. 7, 2022 – Instead, money is going toward things like referring people to treatment, overdose antidote kits and housing.

Measure 110 diverts millions of dollars in Oregon marijuana tax revenue from schools, police and other services into support for people with addiction.

But because marijuana is federally illegal, Oregon fears funding addiction treatment directly would jeopardize federal money that helps pay for treatment through the Oregon Health Plan. Subsidized by the state and federal governments, the Oregon Health Plan covers physical, dental and mental health care — including addiction treatment — for low-income residents. “There has been a lot of confusion about what Measure 110 would do and what the funding would go towards. Unfortunately, it does not fund treatment,” said Sommer Wolcott, executive director of the addiction treatment organization OnTrack Rogue Valley.

A massive amount of money is on the line. After initially providing $33 million in grants to organizations around the state last year, Oregon is poised to release $270 million more in grants. Dozens of Rogue Valley organizations have submitted requests for funding while trying to figure out what Measure 110 can cover — and what it can’t.


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