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October 18, 2016                   Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                   Vol. 4., No. 11
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Corporate Narcan Stops Sick Fashion Statement Overdose


Nordstrom Pulls Moschino Drug-themed clothing from stores  

A major U.S. department store is pulling a drug-themed clothing line from its stores following complaints the fashion line glamorizes prescription drug abuse. Moschino, a high-end Italian clothing company, recently debuted its “Capsule Collection SS17″ line featuring an oversized prescription drug bottle shoulder bag – priced at $950 – and a similarly-themed mini dress for $950 among other drug-inspired garments and accessories
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Like It Was The Very First Time…


Testimonials: 10 People on Having Sex While Sober  

If there’s an easier way to ask someone out than, ‘Want to get a drink?’ I don’t know it. Drinking alcohol, it goes without saying, is a major part of our culture – and specifically our dating and sex rituals and rites of passage. Whether you came of age frequenting frat parties or lo-fi concerts, there’s a good chance your early sexual encounters were alcohol-fueled. If drinking is the conduit for so many liaisons, what does quitting mean for someone’s romantic prospects? For some people, the decision not to drink is an easy lifestyle shift. For others it is a profound emotional reckoning. Either way, ‘Want to get a drink?’ doesn’t work anymore.
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Once and Always a Champion VIDEO
Former Michigan player who lost everything twice helps others “Get Back Up” VIDEO  

Being homeless on the streets of Detroit is certainly not the way you’d think life would turn out for the University of Michigan’s eighth all-time leading rusher, Dr. Billy Taylor. “It was terrible. There’s nothing glorious about being homeless on the sreets of Detroit,” he says.  “I had a great career at Michigan, three time All American, three time first team All Big Ten, MVP my senior year, two Big Ten championships, undefeadeted my senior year.”

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Re-Framing Tragedy
How a 22-year-old’s overdose death saved lives  

After Kyle died, his heart, liver, two kidneys and intestines were all donated to help people in need of organ transplants – from a mother in her early 20s to a grandfather in his late 60s, Sullivan said. In her grief, Sullivan now finds solace in the fact that Kyle’s tragic death changed lives. “He helped five people. Not only the five people who got his organs but also all of their families,” she said.

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Regulations Avalanche
Support For Congressman Issa’s Sober Homes Reform Bill Builds

Local government continues lining up behind Congressman Issa’s bill that would allow communities the ability to implement oversight of sober living facilities. The Orange County Board of Supervisors now becomes the second local government in our district to announce it’s support of the Safe Recovery and Community Empowerment Act (H.R. 6070). The City of San Clemente previously endorsed the legislation earlier in September. In a letter to Congressman Issa, Chairwoman Lisa Bartlett, writing on behalf of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, thanked the Congressman for introducing the legislation and expressed the Board’s support. “The proliferation of sober living homes in Orange County has created concerns over the impacts on surrounding neighborhoods resulting from over-concentration and the challenges that federal, state and local governments face with establishing requirements and standards,”…

Why Is Getting High a Crime?
Rights Groups Call for Decriminalization of Personal Use of Illegal Drugs in US  

The report, titled “Every 25 Seconds: The Human Toll of Criminalizing Drug Use in the United States,” by Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union said more people are arrested for simple drug possession in the United States than for any other crime. “Every 25 seconds, someone is funneled into the criminal justice system, accused of nothing more than possessing drugs for personal use,” said the report’s author, Tess Borden. “These wide-scale arrests have destroyed countless lives while doing nothing to help people who struggle with dependence.”

Employees alleging over $500K in unpaid wages, Addiction Canada centres will close  

A chain of private addiction treatment centres in Ontario and Alberta is closing under the shadow of hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid wage claims, and criminal charges against the company’s owner. John Haines, also CEO of Addiction Canada Inc., faces five charges, including two counts of fraud worth millions of dollars, drug possession and drug trafficking. Haines disputes the charges.

Sounds Crazy VIDEO
Meth Addiction: Exercise with Methamphetamine Can Help Addicts Recover VIDEO

Exercise combined with methamphetamine can help meth addicts recover, researchers said. The study published Wednesday in the FASEB Journal focused on the disturbances in the circadian rhythm of addicts. Researchers from the University of Buffalo in New York said methamphetamine and exercise target those reward centers in the brain, which are also involved in the maintenance of the circadian rhythms. “Our experiments show that it might be possible to use methamphetamine to treat meth addiction itself by associating drug usage with a stimuli that’s not harmful: exercise,” the study’s co-author Oliver Rawashdeh said. Meth addiction upsets the circadian rhythm increasing craving for the drug and making the chances of relapse more likely. Researchers studied mice whose suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) was removed.

Single and Sober Launches Nationwide Membership Website  

Dating in sobriety is tough. Many first dates involve alcohol – whether it’s dinner and drinks or a group of friends heading out to the bar for the evening, dating for people who don’t drink can be challenging to say the least. Single and Sober is now making it easier for sober singles to meet and build meaningful relationships by expanding its services nationwide, and to Canada and Australia as well.

New opioids could relieve pain without dangerous side effects VIDEO  

Once hailed as saviors of pain patients everywhere, opioids – including oxycodone and fentanyl – have caused an addiction epidemic in the United States and earned the scorn of doctors, patients and lawmakers. Some scientists think it’s time to give opioids a second chance, by developing a new generation of drugs with all the painkilling power of conventional opioids but without some of the dangerous side effects. 

One Friend Talking to Another VIDEO
Rob Lowe Says He’s ‘Had Many a Conversation’ with Charlie Sheen About Addiction VIDEO

After overcoming years of addiction, Rob Lowe is quick to share the secret to his success – even with famous friends. During a Friday appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, Lowe revealed he’s spoken candidly before with longtime friend Charlie Sheen about facing his demons. Lowe celebrated 25 years of sobriety last year. Of the journey to getting there, Lowe explained to Oz, “Unfortunately, it’s like being pregnant. You either are or you’re not. And then on top of that – that actually becomes the easy part – is giving it all up. It’s the stuff underneath that makes you want to do it in the first place you have to address, that’s a lifelong process.”

Making a Difference VIDEO
How one jail’s philosophy is turning the addiction epidemic on its head VIDEO

by Ryan Hampton
I was a year into recovery when he learned a difficult lesson: silence kills. While his professional and personal relationships were both improving, the former heroin addict was still actively avoiding awkward conversations about his decade-long battle with opioid addiction. But after three friends died from addiction in a matter months, Hampton knew he had to speak up – about his own struggles and the addiction problems spreading across the entire United States.

Crazy Canadians – Absurd
AA’s universal status challenged in human rights court for forcing belief in higher power

Lawrence Knight, 58, comes from a long line of atheists, agnostics and humanists. So when uncontrolled drinking forced him into rehab based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, he was faced with a spiritual dilemma. Should he simply cross his fingers and keep reciting the prayers of the most popular alcoholic fellowship in the world, whose members seek “spiritual awakening,” vow to surrender their will “to the care of God,” and routinely end meetings with the Our Father?

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She’s No Van Gogh
Beyonce’s Earring Came Off Onstage And Now People Are Reportedly Cutting Themselves

The Beyhive may have taken their love for Queen Bey a little too far. During the star’s performance at the Tidal X: 1015 concert in Brooklyn on Saturday night, Beyonce’s earring apparently caught on her braid and got ripped out, leaving her ear bleeding on stage. Of course, she continued to perform as if nothing had happened. Bey noticed her bleeding earlobe while she was singing her song “Haunted.”

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Pressure From Public Works
Kratom Gets Reprieve From Drug Enforcement Admin.  

It’s been a wild ride for kratom lately. Since Aug. 31, when the Drug Enforcement Administration announced its intention to classify the plant as a Schedule I substance, a group of kratom vendors filed a lawsuit against the government to block the move, angry advocates took to social media in protest and scientists questioned whether they would be able to continue kratom research. Now, the DEA is withdrawing its notice of intent to put kratom in the most restrictive category of controlled substances, with drugs like LSD and heroin. The DEA says it will instead open an official public comment period – until 12/1/16 – for people to share their experiences using kratom as a medical treatment.

One Day at a Time VIDEO
‘Nothing in this world would make me do drugs again’: Corey Feldman VIDEO  

Corey Feldman received a cruel backlash after a bizarre appearance on the Today Show last month. Haters even suggested the 45-year-old Goonies actor has gone back to drinking and drugging. But on Wednesday the former-child star told People magazine that he has been sober for 25 years and intends to remain so.

Big Pharma?  AUDIO
Macklemore Confronts Addiction on New Song “Drug Dealer” AUDIO  

The single serves as a complimentary piece to Macklemore’s new documentary Prescription For Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis. The film examines the opioid epidemic with Macklemore providing insight about his own battle with addiction. “I was on Percocet. All of a sudden I’m doing it every day to the point where I have this dependency,” Macklemore said. “I remember the guy that I was getting them from didn’t have any more. And he said but I have this other thing. It’s called OxyContin. Within a week I was isolated in my room doing this drug just to stay alive in a way.”

Nurse Jackie Meets Dr. House
Addiction Recovery Centers See Uptick in Healthcare Professionals Entering Treatment for Heroin, Opioids  

The National Institute of Health reports that approximately 10 to 15 percent of all healthcare professionals will misuse drugs or alcohol at some point during their career, which means healthcare professionals are at the same risk of substance abuse as the general population. In the past two years, addiction recovery and rehabilitation centers across the country have experienced a skyrocket in admissions of professionals of all types – from medical students, residents, pharmacists and dentists to attorneys, business owners, IT professionals and corporate executives – for heroin addiction treatment.

Sobriety Gone Global
Alcoholics Anonymous celebrates 70 years in South Africa  

The official launch of AASA is credited to Arthur S, who, on 18 October, 1946, became the first alcoholic to form an AA group in South Africa. Named “The Johannesburg Group”, it met at the then Spes Bona Club in central Johannesburg. This was followed a year later by the establishment of an AA group in Springs by an alcoholic named Val D – who was also the founder and editor of the AASA quarterly magazine Regmaker, which has remained in circulation to this day…” Over the years, many thousands of South Africans have chosen the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous as a vehicle for their recovery from alcoholism…

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Coke and a Croissant?
France opens first safe injection space in Paris for drug addicts  

Health Minister Marisol Touraine praised the safe-injection room as an “innovative and courageous response to a health emergency situation.” Touraine also emphasized the need to specifically reach out to marginalized populations. It will be “a very important moment in the fight against the scourge of addiction.” First pioneered by Switzerland in 1986, France now joins countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia and Canada in granting addicts access to medically supervised injection spaces.

Born Under a Breaking Bad Sign
Bryan Cranston discusses the childhood trauma of his mother’s alcoholism

Though he mended his fences with his parents in later life, Bryan Cranston still feels the scars of his troubled upbringing. The actor spoke to Sunday Times this week where he discussed how his actor father Joe Cranston deserted the family when Bryan was only 11 years old. His mother Peggy Sell, as the 60-year-old explained, turned to drink after her husband ran out on her.

Pot Comes of Age
Marijuana’s Moment  

Recreational marijuana users can now legally light up a joint in states representing about 5 percent of the U.S. population. By the time Americans wake up on November 9, that percentage could be swelling to more than one-quarter. Measures to legalize and regulate the sale of cannabis are on the ballot in California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada, and recent polls show the “yes” vote is winning in all five states. Approval would mark the biggest advance yet for advocates in the decades-long fight over legalizing marijuana-one that they believe could ultimately force the federal government to end its prohibition of the drug.

Tragic Results
17-year-old dies at Pembroke Pines drug treatment center

Authorities are investigating after a 17-year-old died at a South Florida drug treatment center for delinquent youths. Staff members at the Broward Youth Treatment Center were called to the teen’s room late Monday, the Miami Herald reported. An incident report says a shift leader at the privately-run Pembroke Pines center found the boy “non-responsive to voice or touch.” A nurse started CPR and asked someone to call 911. The teen couldn’t be resuscitated. Daly said DJJ’s Inspector General’s Office would conduct “a comprehensive and thorough investigation” of the boy’s death, and make the findings available to the public. The Pembroke Pines Police Department also is investigating.

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The Verdict: It Works if You Work It
The Addicted Lawyer: Is Alcoholics Anonymous for You?

As you have probably figured out, I got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous. I know I am irritating some who believe we should not talk publicly about being in AA. I believe we should be empowered to share all aspects of our personal journey if we choose to. Certain aspects of AA have worked for me to date. I completely disregard other aspects. The sober connections I found in group were, and are, important to me. The people. The stories that tell me I am not alone. I, however, have never been as keen on the spiritual aspects and certain rituals of the program. That’s just me. You may like that. You may need that. Those issues however, have never been a deterrent to me in my program like they are for some who reject AA as their mode of recovery.

Music Heals – So Do 12 Steps
JUDAS PRIEST’s ROB HALFORD: ‘I Would Be Dead’ Without Sobriety

In a recent interview with The Washington Times, JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford was asked what part sobriety has played in the band’s longevity. He responded: “Without it? Oh, I’d be dead. Literally, I would be dead. I wouldn’t be talking to The Washington Times now. I wouldn’t be here. The place where I got to, the next step, was lost.” He added: “I love people. I love being in a band. I love making music. I had to figure out that was way more important than being addicted.”

All Paths Lead to God VIDEO
‘It’s disingenuous reporting’: Mel Gibson claims he is 10 years sober VIDEO

He’s the controversial Hollywood star known for multiple booze-fuelled incidents and racist rants. But Mel Gibson claims his past is indeed in the past in an interview with Channel Seven’s Sunday Night. He reveals that as an Alcoholics Anonymous member he has 10 years of sobriety under his belt.

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