One yard at a time –

August 14, 2020 – “He’s a big inspiration to us,” said Raiders defensive back Lamarcus Joyner. “He’s actually a leader. So I’m pretty sure you know of his story. Just to see a guy go through that kind of stuff and clean himself up, both off the field and on the field, is just amazing.

“And if you can’t be encouraged by that, then you don’t have a heart.”

Waller, 27, hit rock bottom in 2017 while with the Baltimore Ravens when he failed his second drug test and was suspended for the entire season. That all seems like a lifetime ago for Waller, who said Wednesday was indeed a meaningful day.

“It means I’m not the same person that I was because before I wasn’t somebody who was worth looking up to or that was inspirational in any way,” Waller said Friday. “Now I’m kind of free from that. I can really step into my calling and write my own story and be of service to other people in the process and inspire people.

“So me being clean, I feel like it’s breaking generational curses in my family. I think it’s changing what’s cool with young people. It means a lot to me now that a lot of people are looking to me for inspiration. It kind of gives me extra energy as well.”



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