May 24, 2018 – Nearly 100 people had to be hospitalized over the past week due to a tainted batch of K2 in Brooklyn, health officials say. On Thursday night, CBS2’s Ali Bauman took an exclusive look at the NYPD’s overdose squad, working to get the drug off the streets … Overdoses can turn a neighborhood in to a zombieland. “I came out and there were two people ODing across the street. Then, the next day, I came out and there were two people ODing across the street again,” resident Dan Foley said. The K2 epicenter is Broadway and Myrtle Avenue, where there were 33 overdoses in a single day in 2016. In response, the NYPD raided businesses that were believed to sell the drug. Now, two years later, police have set up a mobile command center there, but say K2 is no longer so easy to trace. “It’s coming from all directions. It’s not coming from one bodega. It’s coming from the guy on the street, the guy in this park, the guy in that park,” Det. Chris Zeffiro told Bauman.

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