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November 17, 2015                   Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                   Vol. 3., No. 14
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A Different Joy of Cooking
Kicking an addiction? Replace it with joy, expert advises in new book     

“People with the most success in staying sober tend to get involved in a range of pleasurable activities and do them frequently,” said Suzette Glasner-Edwards, author of “The Addiction Recovery Skills Workbook,” which is to be published Dec. 1 by New Harbinger Publications … Glasner-Edwards is an adjunct associate professor at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior and a licensed clinical psychologist.

Unfair Housing
Sober-living operator pleads guilty to violating occupancy rule     

Carrie Heckel, founder of Serenity Shores Recovery Center, based in Costa Mesa, had been charged with having 18 client beds in a two-story, six-bedroom house on the 600 block of Senate Street – 11 more beds than city law allows for recovery homes in single-family neighborhoods.

Another Bad Apple
Jury convicts West Delray doctor of overprescribing pain pills     

Former West Delray doctor Barry Schultz faces a mandatory minimum of 1,343 years in prison when he is sentenced in January on charges of overprescribing pain medication. But one juror said his decision to convict Schultz on Friday mostly came down to the high numbers of oxycodone he approved – including 20,000 pills over 10 months to one patient…

Vice or Devices VIDEO
Breaking screen addiction at recovery center VIDEO    

Like any home there’s a phone, a kitchen and a list of chores. But this home is unique for what you won’t find. No computers, video games, or Wi-Fi connections, and there’s a reason for that. “I was having video game addiction problems,” a young man named Kevin said, “I’ve been practicing my addiction since I was 10 or 11 years old. My addiction was PC gaming, mainly League of Legends.”

All You Can Eat America
Obesity Rises Despite All the Efforts to Fight It      

Obesity among young people was unchanged in 2013 and 2014 from the previous period, the report found. Seventeen percent of Americans ages 2 to 19 were obese, the same as in 2003 and 2004. Experts pointed out that far more work had been done to fight obesity in children…

Inspire Growth
Sunspire Health acquires Texas addiction treatment center    

Sunspire Health of Lyndhurst, an addiction treatment company, has bought a 40-bed treatment center in Princeton, Texas. Financial terms were not disclosed. The center was previously owned by Caron Treatment Centers, a not-for-profit provider of addiction and behavioral health-care services.


Heroes in Recovery

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No Judgement – Just Sobriety
Drug Court Graduates Celebrate Year of Sobriety     

Many Thank the Nonjudgmental Approach of Project Recovery Program This Monday, 27 recovering drug addicts and alcoholics celebrated 12 months of court-supervised sobriety with hearty handshakes from judges Thomas Adams and Jean Dandona, who presided over their graduation from one of eight “drug court” diversion programs. Many of the graduates who entered their respective programs rather than face criminal prosecution, sang the praises of Marcel Meier…

And What About LA?
New York City finds one in five adults has mental health problems     

At least one in five adult New Yorkers suffer from depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts or other psychological disorders every year, according to a report released on Thursday ahead of Mayor Bill de Blaiso’s new mental-health initiative…”We have a set of public health issues that affect many people and affect them very deeply,” said Dr. Gary Belkin.


It’s Time to Share
Actress Kristen Johnston leads panel on drug abuse     

Emmy winning actress Kristen Johnston led a panel of local substance abuse experts and others at the St. George Theatre Thursday night for a public discussion about addiction. Following a screening of “The Anonymous People,” a documentary about Americans living in long-term recovery, Johnston and seven others took the stage to talk openly about drugs, addiction and sobriety in front of nearly 200 audience members.

‘Recreational’ marijuana proponents are pushing a false narrative     

That may create public confusion…Of total California felony arrests last year, according to the state attorney general, just 3% were on any marijuana charge. And for misdemeanor arrests, it was less than 1%. But still, ending the “failed drug war,” focusing on the “real criminals” and “unclogging the courts” is one of the pot pushers’ favorite arguments, no matter how rooted in falsehood. Federal agents, of course, have their own rules that California voters and the state Legislature can do nothing about. Only Congress can. The feds still consider marijuana use a crime.

February 16th in Los Angeles…

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Running for President of USA  VIDEO
Watch: Ben Carson says ‘political correctness’ causes drug addiction  VIDEO   

Republican presidential hopeful and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson went with a characteristically peculiar response on “Face the Nation” recently when asked what causes drug addiction and how it can be treated. “As a doctor, what’s your sense of the human side of addiction? Where does it come from? How should it best be treated?” host John Dickerson asked Carson…


Paying Off School Debt?
2 Mass. doctors illegally profited off hundreds of opiate addiction patients     

Two Massachusetts doctors allegedly charged hundreds of patients seeking opiate addiction treatment cash fees when their care should have been covered by the state’s Medicaid program. Now, they’ve agreed to pay a combined $445,720 in penalty and restitution fee … Dr. Joshua Golden and Dr. Masoud Shahidi each required low-income patients who were covered by MassHealth to pay fees to receive Suboxone…

Getting Well
Alcoholic Hepatitis: Filtering Device Helped Younger, Less Ill Patients     

A human cell-based liver support system meant to keep patients alive despite acute liver failure did not help overall survival in a trial, but showed promise for a subset of patients. Those patients were younger and not as sick-though all subjects enrolled had alcoholic hepatitis. In data to be presented in a late-breaking abstract at the Liver Meeting (AASLD) in San Francisco.

MEDIA: Book Recommendation
Growing While Grieving by Palmer Edward  

Regardless of loss, the pages of Growing While Grieving offer strength, serenity, and structure to move forward. The underlying symbolism provided to each reader is easy to recognize, practice, and accomplish. Palmer’s goal is to ensure that his message becomes an outlet, while still being enjoyable.

Addicted No More
Number of U.S. smokers declines to all-time low     

“Smoking kills half a million Americans each year and costs more than $300 billion,” said CDC Director Tom Frieden in a statement Thursday. “This report shows real progress helping American smokers quit and that more progress is possible.”


Emotional Rescue
Do you have a food addiction?     

When we eat, the feel-good hormone dopamine, which controls the pleasure and reward centers of the brain, is released. But for people with food addiction who are overweight or obese, research shows that their pleasure centers are more active when they eat, compared to someone of normal weight.


Parents who lost children to prescription painkillers become leaders in nation’s worst drug epidemic     

Denise Cullen’s journey from mother, to burying her only child before his 28th birthday, to activist is one that too many parents have had to take during the worst drug epidemic in this nation’s history … On average, according to my recent review of coroner records, someone dies every other day in Orange County from an accidental overdose of prescription opioids.


2016 Experience, Strength & Hope Awards – Honoring MACKENZIE PHILLIPS
Tuesday, February 16, 2016   

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Strokes of Luck
Michael Phelps Opens Up About His Alcoholism    

As Michael Phelps prepares to race six events during the season’s first stop of the USA Swimming Pro Series, the 22-time Olympic medalist graces the cover of Sports Illustrated. With the support of his friends and family behind him, Phelps journeyed to The Meadows, a professional rehab facility in the desert, and got serious about fixing his issues. “


18 Bed OPINION by Marcia C. Smith

Costa Mesa could use dose of empathy on sober-living homes     

Accept this: Addiction is an American problem affecting all parts of society. It doesn’t discriminate on race, ethnic, gender, class, income or geographic lines. An estimated 23.5 million people age 12 or older needed substance abuse treatment in 2010, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services…


Crazy Marketing  VIDEO
Target Accused of Making Light of Mental Illness with ‘Obsessive Christmas Disorder’ Sweater VIDEO     

Some consumers argued that that the sweater made light of mental illness. Over 2 million adults in the U.S. suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. For more on OCD and other mental health issues, head over to NIMH. While Target may not have intended to offend anyone, there is real harm in using terms for mental illness metaphorically.

And a Million Lives too!
The Addiction Vaccine That Could Save ‘Quadrillions’ on Health Care Costs    

Kim Janda has a vaccine for heroin addiction. And for meth. And for cocaine, too. Janda, an American chemist and the Ely R. Callaway, Jr. Chaired Professor at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, gets calls and emails all the time from addicts, and people who know addicts…

Just Saw The Movie SPOTLIGHT
Philly Nun Charged With DUI, Sobriety Test Caught On Camera     

A Philadelphia nun has reportedly been charged with DUI in South Jersey after she backed her pick-up truck into a business and left the scene of the accident.Her sobriety test was captured on camera by eyewitnesses. According to a report by FOX29, “shocked witnesses” snapped photos of the nun as she took the sobriety test after being pulled over shortly after the crash.


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How my famous jockey dad died from alcoholism    

The 30-year-old reveals how she and her older sister Nicola knew that, even though their dad was trying to get help, the disease had a grip on him. In 2010 her dad went into rehab for the second time but it didn’t work out. “He was in a rehab facilitation in Ireland and I actually knew two weeks before he came out that he was going to drink again,” she says…

Epidemic American-Style  VIDEO
Why the GOP Candidates are Hooked on Addiction Stories  VIDEO     

Three Republican candidates, three surprising, highly personal revelations – all within days of each other … The evidence is in the statistics. Drug overdoses are the leading cause of “injury death” among Americans-greater than from motor vehicle crashes and firearms. And of those overdoses, more than half were from heroin or prescription drugs. Substance abuse is one key reason why the death rate among less educated white Americans has risen over the last several years.

Location, Location, Location
Residents speak out against proposed center for alcoholics, addicts     

Residents and leaders in the Driving Park neighborhood say they don’t support plans a group has to open a residential center for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts on Livingston Avenue. Central Ohio Sober Living plans a Nov. 21 grand opening for its recovery center in the old Livingston Theater…  “My feeling is, everyone deserves help but there can be an overkill.” She said she’d rather see a performing arts center open in the old theater.


For the Benefit of Mr. Kite
Innovative therapy finds music can tame savage beast of addiction     

A defining moment in the program for him was when one of the program therapists used lyrics from the song “Let It Be” by the Beatles to encourage patients to accept things that are out of their hands, rather than turn to drugs to cope. “I’ve caught myself thinking about those lyrics when I’m having moments,” he said. Paul Pellinger, Recovery Unplugged’s chief strategy officer, said more than 400 people have been treated at the facility, which opened about two years ago…

Raise Whole People  VIDEO
To Prevent Addiction In Adults, Help Teens Learn How To Cope VIDEO     

Addiction is a pediatric disease,” says Dr. John Knight, founder and director of the Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research at Boston Children’s Hospital. “When adults entering addiction treatment are asked when they first began drinking or using drugs, the answer is almost always the same: They started when they were young – teenagers,”…

Nothing To Hide
Alcoholics Anonymous opening its doors to the public in East Lancashire     

FOLLOWING the success of previous year’s public meetings in East Lancashire, Alcoholics Anonymous will once again be opening its doors to the public. People can get an insight into the workings of Alcoholics Anonymous and find out what it does and doesn’t do, what it is and what it isn’t. The meetings will have two people sharing their life stories to give an idea as to how people have suffered and recovered from alcoholism. There will also be literature available and members of the group will be on hand to answer questions.

Children need to learn about drugs from their parents, not the internet     

No parent could fail to feel a visceral jolt of pain on reading accounts of how the 15-year-old son of singer Nick Cave fell to his death after taking LSD in July this year…They had planned it in advance, another friend told this inquest. They checked Google, and knew to choose somewhere “safe and open” for their trip. But as the friend pointed out: “The advice was misleading. It didn’t say anything about the darker side and the negative effects of the drug.”

AA to the Rescue
Leeds addict’s desperate visit to Alcoholics Anonymous saved his life     

Addiction is indiscriminate – it doesn’t care who you are or what you do. One Leeds man, who wished only to be referred to as Dean, has spoken of his battle with alcoholism which nearly cost him his life…Following three failed suicide attempts, Dean sought help and attended his first Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting on November 19 2006 having had his last drink six days earlier.


Chronic Canada
Justin Trudeau Is Making Marijuana Legal In Canada     

Now, even though this is pretty great news, we have to keep our enthusiasm at a minimum for the moment. Trudeau has only mandated to create a “process” that will eventually lead to legal cannabis in Canada. The mechanics of said process and exactly how long it may take remains to be seen. We also don’t really know what a system of legalized marijuana will look like in the nation either, but we do have a pretty good idea.  

First Person
A Mental Patient’s View of the Body     

I am an artist, musician, and writer. I am also a former inpatient and survivor of twenty years of hospitalization at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens Village, NY. Though now an outpatient, I am still firmly connected to that hospital’s Living Museum, a world-renowned artist’s sanctuary/ rehabilitation program that was the subject of an HBO documentary … Issa’s memoir The Hospital Always Wins will be published by Chicago Review Press in 2016. See his work at


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